LATERAL SV, Inc. is a company that specializes in online information science. We are experts in post-query navigation with technologies and products used in both the consumer and enterprise space.

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Who we are

We are a team comprised of various backgrounds, ranging from military intelligence, biotechnology, academia, aeronautical engineering and computer sciences who have come together with a resolute mission to enhance the methods and possibilites of how we interact with online information.

Throughout history, information has gradually progressed from a rare commodity accessible only to elites, into a resource from which anyone with an internet connection has access to. With the proliferation of available information comes various challenges and obstacles in the process of utilizing it to make decisions; big or small, that define who we are.

Our mission is to become an enabler of information, to further progress the information age and help people utilize information to empower themselves.

We're hiring! Help us create lasting value

Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for a talented engineer who can use software, algorithms, and statistical models to solve complex problems. The ideal candidate will be well versed in the field of natural language processing and is able to build at scale and adapt to new technologies and ideas.

Data Scientist

Our data scientist will take charge of the continuing development of our core technology and present new solutions derived from hidden insight. We want someone who knows how to ask the right questions and discover new trends that will lead to innovations beyond expectations.

Hadoop Engineer

We need a dedicated Hadoop engineer to help push the boundaries with big data. This candidate will be building a Hadoop stack for a multi-tenanted cluster and working closely with our data scientist. Extensive experience with distributed systems is required as we move fast to implement our technology.

Product Manager

With our growing team comes a need for someone who can lead product development. Design, engineering, and marketing come together under the helm of this candidate as we work fast and diligently with rapid iterations in mind. The candidate will need to be able to make quick decisions based on ever-changing data and implement new protocols on the fly.

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  • Some of the technology we're working on

    We're working on various technologies and implementing them in various formats to create great products.

    Relative Importance Analysis

    Technology that automatically retrieves and analyzes what you browse, displaying relevant content based on your objectives.

    Centralized Information System

    Centralized information system for enterprises where team search sessions are automatically retrieved, analyzed, and organized, accessible throughout an organization.

  • Some of the technology we're working on

    We're working on various technologies and implementing them in various formats to create great products.

    Tier System

    Navigational mapping for streamlined browsing.

    Mobile Search

    Bridging horizontal web search with mobile devices through mobile-native navigational innovations.

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